Workshop Presenters


Ben Stimpson

A relative newcomer to the festival community, Ben has been practicing Paganism for over fifteen years. He is currently a first year student at Toronto’s Transformational Arts College studying towards becoming a spiritual psychotherapist. He is a psychic reader, an event organizer, a writer, budding storyteller, and member of the Four Winds Festival Planning Committee.

Morning Meditation (8am)
Join Ben for an hour of meditation, both guided and utilizing mantras.

Legends of Water Spirits (Sun. 11am)
Water as an element of both life and death is the realm of a wide array of spirits. Come and join Ben as he shares some of his favourite stories from the watery realms of myth and legend.


Fae Tigre

Fae has been a practicing pagan for 4 years. She is following her own spiritual path, wherever it may lead her! She is a teacher, tarot reader, and a mom.


Natural Wand Making (Sat. 1:30pm)
Come and make a natural wand or spirit stick for your own practice. Please bring a stick or small branch with you – choose something that feels right for you, that you have found ethically in nature. Feel free to bring any crystals, feathers, etc. to use as artefacts for your wand.


Robert Loxley

Taking care of Trees and other plants is Robert’s raison d’etre, he has a college diploma in Horticulture as well as a graduate certificate in Ecosystem Restoration and is currently working on a bachelor degree in Plant Science. As a spiritual practice, Robert follows the path of Druidry, in which Trees play a prominent role, he is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, currently in the Bardic Grade. Some say Robert is a Tree Spirit here in Human form to speak for and tend to his kind.

Carolinian Nature Walk (Sat. 11am)
This workshop will give a brief introduction and history of the Carolinian Zone of Canada. During the walk we will explore the grounds highlighting examples of Trees and vegetation unique to this rare Ecosystem. This will be a casual environment, all knowledge levels are welcome and questions are encouraged. May The Forest Be With You.


Erica ‘Ricky’ Nicky

Erica ‘Ricky Nicky’ is a dance student and performer with Raqs Mahasti of Mahasti-the Bellydance Emporium in Hamilton. She is also a teacher, a blacksmith, a gold & silversmith, and a witch. She loves travel, reading, trying new things, and challenging patriarchy.

Bellydancing Basics (Sat. 2:30pm)
This fun and lively workshop is a gentle introduction to the beautiful art of bellydance. It has a special focus on traveling moves that we can put to use with those drumbeats around the fire!
All genders welcome, no previous dance experience necessary.


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Four Winds Festival 2017