Saturday Evening Program at the Chapel from 7 to 10 pm

Hosts for the evening

       Raven Black

This Canadian Duo takes you on a journey of the ethereal. They are hosting this intimate and interactive event inspired by nature honouring artists. 

They will host as well as perform their greatest hits. Their demo has sold over 2100 copies

Melissa Robins on Vocals

Shawn Lint on Strings

Buy their latest live release Raven Black- Live from the Waters Edge


Joanie Paige

Canadian Indie artist/ singer/songwriter/guitarist with passionate tales of the fringe. From alt rock to a rock opera and back to chill urban acoustic groove, the music makes you day dream and move. Joanie is also an actress and is currently working on a novel. Joining Joanie at Four Winds is

percussionist Narcise Datura




Willow Switch


Willow Switch is the crossroads between Romani-Romanian saw player and guitarist Andra Zlatescu and two spirit Anishanaabe banjo player Robin Henry. Together they call on the spirits of the land and sing in ambient haunting harmonies Influenced deeply by old time folk and bluegrass, Willow Switch creates an unique blend blend of what has been termed post-apocalyptic Doom -Folk .

Andra and Robin have been performing together for two years and are in the process of recording their first album together

And there is more!!!!

Pagan's Got Talent Open Stage Showcase !!!!

Saturday June 24, 2017 @ lunchtime

We are looking for people of all ages to share the Stage. Sign up to perform and pick a category by the time slot you fit into!

Just bring your guitar, your jokes, your moves!! Bring your fine self and share the spotlight.

Sets should be no longer than 10 minutes for music, spoken word, poetry, comedy , dance or story

This is a modern twist to the Bardic Competition. Everyone that gets on stage and shares their talent with us is a winner!!

Make sure you have your craft name and category on the sign up sheet for the MC to announce it's your turn

***please note that all participants agree to be photographed while participating so that the images can be used to promote the festival via social media or the website!!

5th Anniversary Water Dance and Fire March

                7pm -10 pm

Location the Spirit Centre

Snacks, DJ and don't forget to wear elemental colours associated with water

                                                             DANCE!! DANCE!! DANCE!!



Following the dance

10 pm Fire March

March with us around camp , down to the fire as we drum and revel together as one community and meet for ritual


Four Winds Festival 2017