Meal Plan:  $35

8yrs -11yrs: $30

4yrs-7yrs:  $25

2yrs-3yrs:  $20


Meal Plan includes Friday Supper, Saturday Brunch, Saturday Supper, Sunday Brunch


The Food services will be provided by Gus and his lovely wife Dorothy this year so the food will be awesome!!!!



Breakfast / Brunch 9AM-11AM


3 choices


1. French toast

2. Pancakes

3. Oatmeal


With Toast & Jam, Sausage or Bacon, Hash Browns

Fruit, Apple, Banana, Orange


Juice, Coffee, Tea, Water


Afternoon Meal/Supper 5PM till 7PM


5 choices 2 are vegetarian


1. Chicken Pot Pie

2. Shepherd’s Pie

3. Spaghetti w/Vegetarian Sauce

4. (Roasted/broiled) chicken

Drums, Thighs with Mashed potatoes or

Steamed Rice

5. Tofu stroganoff with pasta or rice vegetarian


Coffee, tea, milk, juices


Evening meal may include


Chicken Vegetable soup, assorted steamed vegetables, tossed salad or coleslaw

Pie or cake or vanilla ice cream


Evening Canteen

Limited hours --- Limited quantities.

Hot dogs1:50

Hamburgers 2.50

Soft drinks $1.00

Water (bottle) .50... Return/recycle empty for 50% off on the next bottle

Other snack items may be available at reasonable prices.


Four Winds Festival 2017