Four Winds Festival                   June 23,24,25 2017

Join us as we celebrate the majick of the everyday! Rediscover the awe of an evening sunset or the stillness before dawn breaks over the horizon.This weekend will be your weekend to explore the mystical in the mundane and to celebrate the joy of everyday majick in daily activities that we often take for granted. Let's discover and renew our appreciation for the little things! 



Build a community with us!

Community is a sense of sharing and using our talents and skills to achieve so many things! As a community fest we ask that you invest in the growth and nurturing of this unique fest by volunteering a few hours at the fest this year! We certainly want you to enjoy your time here with family and friends but we also hope to build on our community by sharing in creating a fabulous fest. Your input is so vital to the continual evolution of the Fest and we look forward to creating a stronger and more vibrant fest with you!

Welcome back! Please join us for our fifth year at Four Winds!!!

Four Winds Festival 2017